Double Trouble

Your girlfriend Renata’s step-sister is in town for some cooking seminar. Of course, she’s welcome at your

Cuckolding 101

Are you ready for a crash course in Cuckolding? Chanel Preston is certainly ready to be your master professor here.

Studying A Broad

Your life in small-town Italy is great, but not overly exciting. You want to see the world and live life to

Finding The Sweet Spot

Deep tissues massage is your specialty. The deeper you go, the happier the ladies get. You don’t even need to

Next-Whore Neighbor

You and your neighbor, Lily are both partial to a bit of outdoor boning. The thing is, the neighborhood watch

Lesbian Spy Games

You were warned; intense meddling ahead… When the servers of Kink were breached, you could only imagine the

The Brinx Of Destruction

Your luck can only last so long. You’ve been fucking Marley Brinx behind her boyfriend’s back for weeks – he must

Morning Marmalade

You had one of those crazy Czech nights. What happened again? You just woke up in someone else bed. You’re

The Tools In Her Trunk

It can be a bummer living by the highway. A recent study showed that breathing in this air is equivalent to smoking

Apex A XXX Parody

It ain’t easy being a Legend is it, Mirage? It’s a dog eat dog world out there in King’s Canyon and things only get

Dirty Little Fuck Thing

Chloe Cherry is your newest slave applicant. You see, she describes herself as a perfect dirty little fuck thing. Sounds

Hix Al Fresco

There’s something special about a bit of fresh air, isn’t there? That’s why your girl Emma proposed a little picnic in

Anal Princess

Your girlfriend Renata Fox is the ultimate anal princess. You gave her that nickname, because she truly is an expert at

Basement Pet

How long has it been? You’ve lost your sense of time since you got trapped in Chanel Preston’s basement. You’re

Led Up The Garden Path

When you got a text from Lacy inviting you to a pool party, you were pretty stoked. You can’t even remember the

Bunny’s B & B

You know it’s dumb to wait to the last minute when looking for accommodation, especially in a big city like L.A.

Butter Biscuit

Your boo Diana Cristal went out grocery shopping and you just noticed that she left a pile of clothes by the door and

Risking Life For Quim

Your brother’s girlfriend Kiara is at your place all the time. She’s been driving you crazy lately – parading

Fist that Feeds

The new legal assistant, Dee Williams has one of the biggest racks you’ve ever seen. Keeping eye contact is getting

She Pax A Punch

Your son’s wife is up to her old tricks again. You see, Penny has been married to your boy for five years now, and

The Good Trophy Wife

When Ivy Labelle’s husband contracted you to re-fit their kitchen, all you could think about was your

Eternal Triangle

Oh, the affairs of the heart. Since your girlfriend Darcia hired that insanely sexy housekeeper, your

Midnight Mimosa

That job description caught your attention online: “House slave needed. Will be paid with pain.” Sounds

Two Steps Forward

After dating Jill for a few months, you gradually got to know her stepsister Adriana pretty well.

Luv Rub

Massage therapy is a serious business, you know that all too well. Your female clientele always leaves

Hell Hath No Fury

You know what they say, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Well, your (nearly) ex-wife should have thought

A Moveable Feast

Paris is a city of countless delights. Everywhere you look there’s a charming boulevard, bistro, or at

No Stone Unturned

Last minute business trip to Barcelona, and all hotels are booked, just your luck. Your office administrator


Your friend Buck is a wild one. His favorite hobby is picking up chicks by the road and manhandling them.

London Calling

As a Hollywood agent, you’ve seen it all. For the past ten years, you’ve been turning zeros into

Blue-collar Nymph

Wait, what? There’s an agency in Prague that provides the hottest female pool cleaner? That’s a niche

The Lay Over

It’s been a while since you’ve seen your old high school flame, Aidra. You moved out east and started

Avery In Demand

Cam shows can be damn hot, especially when babe Avery Black logs in. She’s waiting for her next customer to