Taunting Toy

There you are again, thinking about all the bad decisions you made that led you here. All bound in the dungeon of

Road To Recovery

You’re not really one for extreme sports, are you? You were pretty apprehensive to go four-wheeling with

Mila Azul SOLO

It’s not every day that you see someone quite as beautiful as Mila Azul – in regular porn or VR. That’s why this

Park and Spark

A walk in the park on a warm summer day, oh the ideas that cross your mind. Your girl Stacy Bloom sure is

Spice and Wolf A XXX Parody

Business is good right now, isn’t it Lawrence? You’ve been a respected merchant for years now and things have

Nurse the Pain

You’ve been hospitalized with your jaw shut for two goddamned weeks now. Bad luck Brian, your two nurses Ana and

Hot Yoga

Your son tends to keep good company, and for that, you’re proud of him. Today, he’s off to a hot yoga class with

Language Lessons

Ever since your trip to Puglia last summer, you’ve wanted to learn Italian. You’ve been chit-chatting with a

Real Asstate Value

Real estate in LA is a bitch. You’ve been on the market looking for your dream home for two years now. You’re

Phase 2: Tight Testing

Today you’re welcoming a couple female test subjects to phase two of your groundbreaking study on what makes

The Counselor’s Chambers

Sex workers are under attack by the legal system. But let’s not pretend like that’s a new thing. Those up-tight

Sunny Side Up

You know it too well. Bringing sunscreen to the pool is by far the best way to pick up girls on a hot day.

Aligned Sexenergy

With all of the hustle and bustle of modern living, you sometimes forget to relax. Stress and tension have

Quality Time

You’ve been spending an awful lot of time at the office lately. You’ve barely had any time with your family, let

Whinny Whimper

Lauren Phillips wants to play with her boy toy. All tied up, that’s you of course. And today, she has plenty of

Terminator A XXX Parody

You’ve been programmed for one thing and one thing only, Model 101, and that’s to kill Sarah Connor.

Meet the Myluvs

Your girl Lola’s parents are visiting this weekend. The Myluvs might have one hell of a weird name but they are

Son of a Gunn

Well, Mr. Gunn, it’s that time of the year again – parent-teacher conferences. Your son hasn’t been doing

Fairy Tail A XXX Parody

As a mage, Lucy Heartfilia is a rather complicated girl. I mean, anyone who spends their time collecting

Gravity Pulls

Gravity is the most powerful force on Earth, really? Well, it’s nothing compared to The Pope and his

Panty Raid

You’re somewhat of a stealth expert – well, you’ve played Splinter Cell a couple of times. Today, you’ve

Ace in Bloom

The summer of love is just around the corner. Your girl Nancy Ace is in her secret garden with the sun in her

The Perks Of Art

Working as an art auctioneer has it’s perks, that’s for sure. Especially when you’re dating an avid art lover

Unruly Submissive Part II

Oh the things Ivy must have learned during her stay with Mistress Aiden. Your slut, Ms. Lebelle is ripe and

Professor Sex

Kali Roses is by no means your best student. In fact, she’s far and away your worst. She never shows up to

Sacred Sisterhood

Your wife Tina is ecstatic. Her beloved stepsister Cindy is finally coming to visit her. And it’s been

Bridgette’s B-Side

Your girl Bridgette deserves nothing but the best. That’s why you flew her out to Bali for a week-long

Science Bitches

You’re incredibly busy running a medical testing facility. So many research programs, so little time, but

Popping Poppy

You met that teen girl barely turned 18 at the bar. Her name: Poppy Pleasure. You thought to yourself, with a

The After Party

It’s always a ball-ache to throw a party. You’ve got to take care of food, drinks, inviting the right people, and

Crushing Compliance

You just hired your new personal assistant Kinuski Kakku. She’s a hot babe from Finland and above everything,


You don’t get enough credit, do you Aragorn? Taking the ring bearer to Mordor is a tall order, but if anyone can

Short Leash Desire

Your mistress Lauren Phillips has been working hard in the dungeon all day punishing filthy men like you for

Spouse Swap

“The alternative lifestyle” is key to a strong marriage. You know it better than anyone. Your lady and yourself have

Tantric Paradise

Your massage academy, Tantric Paradise, turned out to be a total success. The ladies are lining up for your